Ray Harkins (Taken/100 Words Or Less Podcast) Episode 17 – Peer Pleasure Podcast

Yo Yo Yo Pleasure Seekers it’s your host with the most Dewey Halpaus saying welcome home once again. Tonight we welcome one of my Peers from Podcasting and brother in sonic carnage from the early 2000’s Ray Harkins. Ray is a true inspiration and a great man. I know you have heard his tunes and you need to check out his podcast 100 Words or Less on Jabberjaw. Enjoy everyone!

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Nick Reinhart (Tera Melos) Episode 16 – Peer Pleasure Podcast

Welcome Pleasure Seekers to the new week and a new platform to listen to the show with our Premier episode on Idobi Radio! This episode is with my good friend and guitar god Nick Reinhart from Tera Melos! Tera Melos has been melting faces around the world for over a decade and continues to challenge convention and artistic boundaries. Join me for the full unedited version of Episode 16 with Nick from Tera Melos.

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The Peer Pleasure Podcast heads to Idobi Radio

Pleasure Seekers for those of you who have listened to the last few episodes you may have heard me talk about this but I wanted to make a formal announcement to all subscribers. The Peer Pleasure Podcast is joining Idobi Radio this coming Sunday 1/22 and every Sunday from 5pm ET/2pm PST on their family of programming!

We are super excited over here at Peer Pleasure as this will get the show out to a whole new audience and be another platform for the show to grow.

With the show airing on Sundays on Idobi, the full versions (if longer than 55 mins) will still air as will all episodes on your normal RSS feed from us and on iTunes directly after the airing on Idobi. If you want to hear the episodes a bit earlier than usual be sure to tune in to ido.bi/player or idobi.com to stream the show!

Much love to all you Pleasure Seekers and we look forward to growing with Idobi in 2017.

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Logan Mader (Once Human/Soulfly/Machinehead) Episode 15 – Peer Pleasure Podcast

Good Sunday again Pleasure Seekers tonight we bring you the mighty Logan Mader! This man is responsible for some of the toughest records metal has seen in the last two decades both in front of and behind the console. Logan has emerged to the stage once again with his brutal new band, Once Human and I had the pleasure of chatting it up with him to find out more on this new venture and the upcoming record. Stay tuned after the interview to hear “Gravity” off the new Once Human album out February 10th!

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Mike Herrera (MXPX) Episode 14 – Peer Pleasure Podcast

Hello once again Pleasure Seekers we have a great show this week and my guest is Mike Herrera from MXPX. Mike is a fellow Jabberjaw Media Host with me at the network and soon to be my Idobi Radio peer as well. This was a fun interview that we did to play on both of our shows and we got into some honest and candid conversation about Zen, Podcasting, Anger and so much more! Listen in and enjoy!

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Adam Fisher (Fear Before, Orbs, All Human) Episode 13 – Peer Pleasure Podcast

Happy New Year Pleasure Seekers! It is great to be back with you and we have not skipped a beat here at The Peer Pleasure Podcast bringing you another fantastic installment of the show. This week to kick off the new year we welcome one of my dearest friends to the show, Adam Fisher. Adam has played in bands such as Fear Before The March Of Flames, All Human and Orbs and is an amazing musician and human being. This week we talk a lot about past stories and current events as well as some LBGTQ topics as they are dear to Adam and need to be put out for all to hear. Adam has been there for me since day one and you could not find a more humble, kind and loyal friend. I hope you all enjoy the show and stay tuned for more! Fear Before 2017………..

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