Jim Wilson (Rollins Band, Motor Sister) Episode 34 – Peer Pleasure Podcast

Pleasure Seekers we have a living legend on the show tonight. Jim Wilson from the Rollins Band, Mother Superior and Motor Sister joins me to talk about all things Rock n’ Roll! Jim is one of the greatest guitar players and songwriters out there and we were so excited to have him on. Don’t forget to rate and subscribe on iTunes!

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Aaron Turner (ISIS/SUMAC) Episode 33 – Peer Pleasure Podcast

Pleasure Seekers this is a mammoth episode with one of the heaviest forces in heavy music today. Mr. Aaron Turner from my favorite band of all time, ISIS, and now SUMAC, Old Man Gloom, Mamiffer and the list goes on. I hope you all enjoy my chat with Aaron where we dig into his move to Vashon Washington and finding himself in nature while learning to face himself and the things that we hide with city life distractions. Don’t forget to rate and subscribe!!

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Emily Heller (Comedian/Podcaster/Writer) Episode 32 – Peer Pleasure Podcast

Welcome home Pleasure Seekers and get ready to laugh your asses off while I speak with Emily Heller! Emily is a super great comedian on Kill Rock Stars as well as a TV Writer/Actress and Podcaster. I know you will all enjoy this amazing and creative guest this week. Be sure to rate and subscribe to get all new shows every Saturday!

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Geoff Rickly (Thursday/No Devotion/United Nations) Episode 31 – Peer Pleasure Podcast

What’s up my Pleasure Seekers! Geoff Rickly from post hardcore legends Thursday joins me tonight to talk all things Thursday, touring, drug abuse, mugging, working a straight job, record label woes and much, much more. I hope you all enjoy the chat and don’t forget to rate and subscribe!

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Dewey on Break It Down Podcast with Matt Carter

What’s up pleasure seekers and brand new subscribers! We have a special treat for everyone out there! Dewey from Peer Pleasure went on Break It Down with Matt Carter to talk about all kinds of cool shit. Matt and Dewey have been friends for more than a decade since they met on tour when Anatomy of a Ghost and Emery hit the road together. Check out the episode on YouTube, iTunes and soundcloud! Links below!


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May Shows are going to be AMAZING!

Alright my Pleasure Seekers, the month of May will be a banger to say the least! We start out with my Birthday show featuring Geoff Rickly from Thursday! Then we have Emily Heller, a fantastic and hilarious Comedian from the TV Writer world and also the TBS Show Ground Floor. We follow that up with the frontman for my favorite band of all time, Aaron Turner from ISIS and SUMAC. We wrap up the month with one of the best guitarists around, Mr. Jim Wilson from the Rollins Band, Motor Sister and Mother Superior! Please subscribe and rate the show on iTunes to get all of these episodes right when they come out and never miss a beat!



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