Keith Morris (Black Flag/Circle Jerks/OFF!) Episode 42 – Peer Pleasure Podcast

The Legend Series continues once again Pleasure Seekers I am pleased to announce this weeks guest is none other than Keith Morris! Had a blast chatting with Keith and delving into a whole host of subjects and pick his brain on a few things. Keith is a busy guy with lots to talk about and a lot going on. Keep an eye out for a movie as well as some touring very soon! Until then, enjoy my episode with Keith Morris and don’t forget to rate and subscribe on iTunes!

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Mark Engles (Black Map/Dredg) Episode 41 – Peer Pleasure Podcast

Hello Hello Hello my Pleasure Seekers! Another week of greatness comes your way today with Mark Engles from the mighty Dredg and Black Map. I was so stoked to catch up with Mark on tour in New Mexico for a chat about all things Black Map and their new record “In Droves”. You will hear “Run Rabbit Run” and “Heavy Waves” from the record in this episode! Enjoy my friends and don’t forget to rate and subscribe anywhere you get your podcasts!

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July 29th Episode Announcement/Update

Hello my Pleasure Seeker I hope you are having a glorious day out there wherever you are in the world and I say that because this listenership is worldwide and the best group of dedicated listeners in the world! I appreciate each and every one of you and as our numbers grow larger with every passing day, I welcome all our new folks and wanted to let you all know about the July 29th show that I had left off the July announcement email as it was not yet completed at the time it went out. I am super excited to announce that July 29th episode will be with King Buzzo himself, the one and only Buzz Osborne! We interviewed on Wednesday out between two vans at the Hawthorne Theater in Portland Oregon. We had a blast and I can’t wait for you to hear it. Have a great weekend everyone and don’t forget to rate and subscribe, tell a friend and shoot me some feedback at anytime!

Don’t forget Mark Engles from Dredg/Black Map is this Saturdays guest!


Photo Cred: Cliff Meyers

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Brett Detar (Juliana Theory/Zao) Episode 40 – Peer Pleasure Podcast

Pleasure Seekers we bring you Brett Detar from the mighty Juliana Theory and the Massively influential Zao. What an awesome guy and a great conversation we had speaking about the beginnings of Juliana Theory all the way to them ramping up for their reunion tour this year! This is a great episode and I hope you all enjoy as much as I did. Don’t forget to rate and subscribe so you don’t ever miss an episode!

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July Episodes Announced!!!

Pleasure Seekers as you know I like to give you as much access as possible to wet your whistle to what is coming at you from our Peer Pleasure camp month by month. If I bust my ass and make sure to have episodes done enough in advance, I love to be able to give you the monthly snapshot of coming attractions and July is a BANGER! (Pun Intended)

See below for the fine piece of finish finery that we have for you this month and feel free to share, rate and subscribe!!!!!

July 1st Episode 39

Dave Lombardo (Slayer/Dead Cross/Suicidal Tendencies)


July 8th Episode 40

Brett Detar (Juliana Theory/Zao)


July 15th Episode 41

Mark Engles (Black Map/Dredg)


July 22nd Episode 42

Keith Morris (Black Flag/Circle Jerks/OFF!)

July 29th as still a surprise but let me assure you that you will not be disappointed! Keep with me and we will keep rocking this boat together!

Until then,

See you on the radio!


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Dave Lombardo (Slayer/Dead Cross/Fantomas) Episode 39 – Peer Pleasure Podcast

It is truly a great day today Pleasure Seekers as we are able to bring you Dave Lombardo for a chat about his journey to America, the origins of Slayer, his Parents sacrifice and passion for their children in a time of great uncertainty and the new Dead Cross Record coming out this summer. I was honored to speak to Dave and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did! Don’t forget to rate and subscribe!

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