Adam Fisher (Fear Before, Orbs, All Human) Episode 13 – Peer Pleasure Podcast

Happy New Year Pleasure Seekers! It is great to be back with you and we have not skipped a beat here at The Peer Pleasure Podcast bringing you another fantastic installment of the show. This week to kick off the new year we welcome one of my dearest friends to the show, Adam Fisher. Adam has played in bands such as Fear Before The March Of Flames, All Human and Orbs and is an amazing musician and human being. This week we talk a lot about past stories and current events as well as some LBGTQ topics as they are dear to Adam and need to be put out for all to hear. Adam has been there for me since day one and you could not find a more humble, kind and loyal friend. I hope you all enjoy the show and stay tuned for more! Fear Before 2017………..

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  1. So they tease something Fear before related on instagram but they don’t even have anything in the works? Wow…such a bummer.

    On a side and more positive note….Fear before was my favorite band from 14y/o on…I’ll be 30 in a year and a half (SHIT!) The Always Open Mouth was a criminally underrated album and in my mind one of the best experimental post/hardcore albums ever written. Would absolutely love to see a reunion.

    1. Well Zackary keep your head up brother. There is a reunion tour in the works this year. We recorded this interview before it was in the works so it sounds a bit different. 2017 will see a Fear Before tour my friend. That is all the details I can give as of now. Thanks for listening to the show!