Anthony Green (Circa Survive/Saosin) Episode 30

Episode 30: Anthony Green

This week The Peer Pleasure Podcast presents Anthony Green of Circa Survive. Being a successful musician comes with a whole new set of life problems that mom and dad never told you about. Anthony faced those problem, made a few mistakes, but came out stronger on the other side. Now Anthony can sit down with Dewey and talk fatherhood, fame, drugs, and the 2nd chance that he was lucky enough to get, with the hopes that his words and stories might reach someone who may be in a dark place and let them know they’re not alone.

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For Anthony, who rejoined Saosin for their latest album Along The Shadow, which came out in May, these solo albums are a place for him to delve into the most honest and most intimate aspects of himself. He isn’t interested in music as a means of showmanship or theater. Whether it’s his work with Circa Survive, who will begin work on their sixth studio album later this year, or with Saosin, Anthony wants that everything he creates comes from a place of real sincerity. That openness is especially evident on Pixie Queen, which is raw both in its lyrics and in its musical execution. “I can’t pretend about anything,” the singer notes. “The only way it feels good to write and perform music is if it feels almost embarrassing.”



Show topic reference times

Fatherhood [5:45]

Fame and family [11:00]

Musical documentation [16:30]

Dewey and Anthony meet [23:00]

The drugs [27:00]

A 2nd chance [30:00]

A dark place [33:30]

Same story, same country [40:00]

High school [43:30]

The music makes it fake [55:00]

Mega Star [55:00]

Anthony comes back [59:00]

More 2nd chances  [1:03:00]

A new record [1:07:00]

The Locust  [1:15:00]

Notable Links Mentioned

The Locust

Boys Night Out

 Bear vs Shark

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