Mike Schleibaum (Darkest Hour) Episode 24 – Peer Pleasure Podcast

Ladies and Gentleman of the Pleasure Seekers world tonight is a great one! Mr. Mike Schleibaum from the mighty Darkest hour joins me to talk about all things Washington DC, the new record and touring! Enjoy one and all!


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Ian Mackaye (Minor Threat/Fugazi) Episode 23 – Peer Pleasure Podcast

Hello Pleasure Seekers and boy do I have a guest for you….Ian Mackaye from Fugazi, Minor Threat, Discord Records, Embrace, The Evens and the list goes on. Possibly one of the most prolific names in punk rock to date and just an all around awesome and inspiring individual. I hope you all enjoy and don’t forget to like, rate and subscribe!


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Jabberjaw Media Add New Shows To Network!


Jabberjaw Media 
Instagram: @jabberjawmedia 
New Shows
Ex Man 
Host: Doc Coyle 
Instagram: @DocCoyle
The Future Of What
Host: Portia Sabin 
Instagram: @krsfow
The Metal Podcast 
Hosts: Chuck Loesch & Godless 
Instagram: @chuckandgodless 
O Marks The Spot – The Outerloop Podcast 
Hosts: Mike Mowery, Lance Rowe, Suzie Lee 
Instagram: @outerloop.group 
Pour Taste 
Host: Jonathan Yeager 
Instagram: @pourtaste 
Too Old To Date 
Hosts: Brad Garoon & Mike Tanzillo 
Instagram: @toooldtodate 
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Print Ads to post…..

Alright my Pleasure Seekers Crew here is a quick print ad that can be copied and pasted into your social media platforms if you would like to help out the show and spread the word for us! I would love it if you like the show, then save this image and post it anywhere online that you can or have access to. Thanks a million and this coming weeks show is going to be fantastic! Just saying. Keep your ears and eyes peeled.

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The Peer Pleasure Podcast heads to Idobi Radio

Pleasure Seekers for those of you who have listened to the last few episodes you may have heard me talk about this but I wanted to make a formal announcement to all subscribers. The Peer Pleasure Podcast is joining Idobi Radio this coming Sunday 1/22 and every Sunday from 5pm ET/2pm PST on their family of programming!

We are super excited over here at Peer Pleasure as this will get the show out to a whole new audience and be another platform for the show to grow.

With the show airing on Sundays on Idobi, the full versions (if longer than 55 mins) will still air as will all episodes on your normal RSS feed from us and on iTunes directly after the airing on Idobi. If you want to hear the episodes a bit earlier than usual be sure to tune in to ido.bi/player or idobi.com to stream the show!

Much love to all you Pleasure Seekers and we look forward to growing with Idobi in 2017.

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Get your Band played on The Peer Pleasure Podcast!

Good hump day Pleasure Seekers one and all! I am offering up something NEW for a limited time as we move into 2017 and want to hear from you!

Starting with the 2017 New Years episode I am offering slots on each episode for bands that want exposure to have their song played on my podcast The Peer Pleasure Podcast. This is a HUGE opportunity for up and coming bands to be heard by my listeners and those fans of the guests I interview on the show as the episodes play out on their social media as well. I want to see how this goes and make it a weekly installment to the episodes as a whole because who doesn’t love to hear new music, right?

We have a strong listener base worldwide and are downloaded in over 40 countries. Weekly exposure is available and with our partnership with Jabberjaw Media, our reach is even greater. If you are interested in signing up for this opportunity, see below. Otherwise if you know any bands or musicians that would like this opportunity, pass it on!

Have YOUR song played on an episode of Peer Pleasure

$100 Per song/Per Episode of Peer Pleasure

Who can’t come up with $100 to get exposure for your music to artists and listeners around the world? I promise you it is the best investment you will make for the price. Email me at peerpleasurepod@gmail.com to submit your song and for details.

Do it today!!!!

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Matt Hopper (The Roman Candles) Episode 12 – Peer Pleasure Podcast

Merry Christmas Pleasure Seekers!!!! Here for you this week we have a very special episode that I have saved for you to open on Christmas during your commute, travel home etc as it is a long one but worth every second. My good friend of many years Matt Hopper joins the show in the very first recorded interview I did for the Podcast and it is time for the world as we know it to hear it. Matt is a great musician and has toured the world for nearly as long as some of you have been alive. His music has been on Television and Radio and covered by top charting bands. Tune in and enjoy the ride!

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