Anthony DeVito (Comedian) Episode 50 – Peer Pleasure Podcast

Hello my Pleasure Seekers and Episode 50 is finally here for all of your listening enjoyment! My guest this week is a hilarious comedian who just appeared on Late Night with Stephen Colbert as well as released a brand new record called “Dream Occupation”, Mr. Anthony DeVito! We were so stoked to chat with Anthony about Comedy, Life, Love and Podcasting. Enjoy my friends and as always, support the Patreon at

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Rachael Madori (Ex-Pornstar/Social Activist) Episode 49 – Peer Pleasure Podcast

Welcome to Episode 49 my friends and we welcome this week Rachael Madori to our family of guests. What a fascinating, honest and true human being she is and you will all love this episode. We do go into some darkness in the episode so this one is not for children, but if you feel like you need help or are struggling with depression, reach out!

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John Clardy (Tera Melos) Episode 48 – Peer Pleasure Podcast


Episode 48 is with a great friend of mine and an amazing drummer! John Clardy is the heartbeat of Tera Melos and in this episode we touch on a lot of things from his life before Tera Melos to his international touring lifestyle. There is something in this banger of an episode for everyone! Enjoy, Rate, Subscribe and go join the Pleasure Seekers Club at

See you all next week!

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Peer Pleasure Podcast Patreon is Live NOW!

Pleasure Seekers, the official Peer Pleasure Podcast Patreon Club is live and open NOW!!!! Go check it out HERE at and help support the show and join the best club around, The Pleasure Seekers Club now! We have worked so hard to get this up and open to you and it’s finally here. Listen to this preview we did to explain it all and give you a look inside the madness! See you soon in our Patreon only feed!

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Brian Cook (Russian Circles/SUMAC/These Arms are Snakes/Botch) Episode 46 – Peer Pleasure Podcast

Pleasure Seekers welcome to Episode 46 with the mighty Brian Cook from Botch, These Arms Are Snakes, SUMAC and Russian Circles and one of the best dudes around. Brian was a massive guest request and I am so glad to get him on to talk about so many things from music to his book to his life story. I hope you enjoy my conversation with Brian Cook and as always, rate and subscribe on iTunes and keep your eyes peeled for the Pleasure Seekers Club Patreon launching Aug 28th!!!!

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Hello my friends, we are so excited to announce the official launch date of The Peer Pleasure Podcast’s PLEASURE SEEKERS CLUB on August 28th 2017! This has been a long time coming and we are so stoked to get this club operational and out to the world and to you, our dedicated Pleasure Seekers with us week after week!

This club will have different levels of membership as well as different rewards for each tier including merchandise and extra unlimited access to content and bonus content as well. I look forward to each and every one of you signing up for the club at whatever tier feels right for you and to have your support in this venture means the absolute world to us!

More info to come in the next 2 weeks to keep you in the loop and up to date! Keep your eyes and ears open!

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Ed Breckenridge and Riley Breckenridge (Less Art/Thrice) Episode 45 – Peer Pleasure Podcast

Hello good people in of the Pleasure Seeker Nation and welcome to Episode 45! My boys from Thrice and Less Art join me for a great discussion about the new Less Art album “Strangled Light” as well as some insight into the new Thrice record writing process and progress. I love these boys and I know you do too. Check it out and like always, rate and subscribe on iTunes!

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August Episodes Announced!

Hello and good afternoon my Pleasure Seekers and welcome (a week late) to August and our August Episode Announcement! I know you guys like getting who’s coming on to look forward to throughout the month. This will be a bit different in September as far as how you get the info but stay tuned for those changes. As for this month, see below for our episodes coming this month! Mike Mowery (Jabberjaw Media Founder) and I will be in attendance at Podcast Movement this coming 23rd-25th of August in beautiful Anaheim California and would love to see and chat with any of you who are going to be attending as well. I will be doing a BUNCH of interviews down there for Septembers lineup which is developing into quite a banger. See you then!

Episode 44 – Dana Gould (Comedian/Writer/Actor)
Stan Against Evil on IFC and The Simpsons


Episode 45 – Ed Breckenridge and Riley Breckenridge (Less Art/Thrice)
New Album “Strangled Light” in stores NOW!!


Episode 46 – Brian Cook (Russian Circles/SUMAC/Botch)



Episode 47 – Kurt Ballou (Converge/GodCity Studios)

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Dana Gould (Comedian/Writer/Actor) Episode 44 – Peer Pleasure Podcast

What’s up Pleasure Seekers! This week we have the FANTASTIC Dana Gould joining me to talk about the second season of his show Stan Against Evil on the IFC Network, his new comedy album Mr. Funny Man and life as he knows it in Los Angeles. I was super excited to have Dana on the show and this is an absolutely hilarious conversation!

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