Inge Johansson (Against Me!/The International Noise Conspiracy) Episode 59 – Peer Pleasure Podcast

What’s Up everyone and welcome to another great episode of Peer Pleasure and boy do we have a treat for you this week! Inge Johansson from Against Me joins me from El Paso Texas to have a chat about growing up in Sweden and his journey to find his calling as one of the most entertaining Bass Players out there today. What a gem of a person and a hilarious dude as well! Big thanks to Inge for coming on the show and being so honest about his story. You will love this one guys!

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Peer Pleasure now on Spotify!

Hello Friends from around the world, you know I wouldn’t bother you mid-week without a great reason and I have just that. Peer Pleasure is now on SPOTIFY! All episodes are up now for your streaming pleasure anywhere in the world and we are pleased to be invited into the Spotify family of podcasts. We are in good company over there for sure and proud as hell about it! Head over to Spotify and give us a follow or share with a friend and let’s continue to grow this thing even bigger as we head into 2018! I love you all as you know and appreciate each of you helping make this show a successful venture. I will see you all again Saturday for the next episode so just chill…till the next epis…ok you get it. See ya!

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Jess Margera (CKY) Episode 58 – Peer Pleasure Podcast

Hello one and all and welcome to episode 58! Jess Margera from CKY joins me to talk about what it was like growing up in the Margera household, the antics and stress as well as the good things. We chat about music and his decision to steer away from the spotlight the rest of the family has to live with in the wake of Jackass and all it’s success. I know you will love this episode and I look forward to you getting to hear it. Don’t forget to rate and subscribe to the show wherever you get your podcasts and tell a friend!

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Johnny Whitney (The Blood Brothers) Episode 57 – Peer Pleasure Podcast

Good Afternoon! I hope you are all having a great week and I also hope my chat with Johnny Whitney brings you even more joy! Johnny is a super interesting and charismatic dude with a great story to tell. Listen in as we talk about his childhood and growth into music and the rise and fall of The Blood Brothers. Johnny is a family man now and has his hands full with 4 children and is in a great place in his life. Tune in and join us for a great ride.

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Huge Congrats to Portugal. The Man on Hitting #1 Top 40!

HUGE congrats to my boys in Portugal. The Man for working their ass off for Almost 15 years to get to this point of hitting #1 on Billboard Top 40! I am so proud of them and the work they do. They work harder and care more about what they do than any band I know and it shows. This proves that if you work long enough at something and believe in yourself that others will come around and be fueled by what you do and what you put out there! These successes come from humble beginnings in the woods of Alaska and now to the world, Portugal. The Man is a mainstay in music. Keep it up boys and I will see you when you get home!

Check out my Episodes with Johnny and Zach below or on iTunes to hear where they were at creatively right before this explosion of an album came out and their lives were changed forever. See you soon!

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Daniel Weyandt (Zao) Episode 56 – Peer Pleasure Podcast

Good afternoon one and all and welcome to episode 56 with the amazing Daniel Weyandt, vocalist for Zao, Tattoo Artist and Family man. Dan was a blast to chat with and we went to a lot of dark places as Dan has a knack for writing from the darkest and most vulnerable spots in his mind for our listening enjoyment and as his therapy takes place on the stage presenting those thoughts to us. I think everyone will have something to take from this episode and I hope you all enjoy!

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Scott Mellinger (Zao) Episode 55 – Peer Pleasure Podcast

Happy Saturday ya’ll and welcome to Episode 55 with the one and only Scott Mellinger from the mighty Zao. We were so stoked to talk with Scott about the new ZAO EP! The next two weeks will be focused on Zao! What a fun conversation with something for everyone to enjoy! Check out the conversation right here and don’t forget to rate and subscribe on iTunes and join the Pleasure Seekers Club at

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Josh Johnson (Comedian) Episode 54 – Peer Pleasure Podcast

Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to episode 54 with the hilarious Josh Johnson. I was so excited to get introduced to Josh and his comedy and now I get to bring it to you as well. What a fun conversation and very insightful dude! Josh was a writer on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and now has his own comedy album out now called “I Like You!” Check it out today and don’t forget to rate and subscribe!

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Spotlights Episode 53 – Peer Pleasure Podcast

Good Saturday to you my friends as we roll into episode 53 of Peer Pleasure and we bring you the amazing Spotlights! This husband and wife team generate some of the heaviest and beautiful music I have heard in years and I was so excited to sit with them in the green room on their tour with The Melvins to hear their story and bring them to you as well. Mario and Sarah are some of the best people and deserve all the success in the world. I know you will love this episode and hear a few songs by them as well! See you all next week!

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