Colin Frangicetto (Circa Survive) Episode 08 – Peer Pleasure Podcast


Good evening Pleasure Seekers once again. This week we have the multi-talented axeman from Circa Survive, Colin Frangicetto. Colin is an amazing musician, artist and friend. We met back in 2003 on the first Radio Takeover Tour that Anatomy of a Ghost did and also the first east coast tour for us as well. Colin was drumming for This Day Forward at the time. Come enjoy the conversation as we talk about all things going on with Colin as he headed to Pennsylvania to start writing and recording the next Circa Survive record. Check out his artwork at and be amazed.

Photo Credit Hayley Rippy

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    1. Working on it but no promises. They are busy recording the new Circa record as we speak and he just had a new baby. I will do my best.

        1. Pedro, Good news. I am interviewing Anthony Green for you tomorrow at 11am and the episode will be up in a couple weeks. I hope this finds you well my friend and I hope you are subscribed.