Ian Mackaye (Fugazi/Minor Threat) Episode 23

Episode 23: Ian Mackaye (Minor Threat/Fugazi)

This weeks guest is Ian Mackaye. In this episode Dewey huddles down in the rain in the middle of the work day to bring you an interview in only the fashion that Dewey can. Ian and Dewey start this interview from the best place possible….. the beginning, so pop on those headphones and dive into the world of Punk Rock greatness as documented by the curator himself Ian Mackaye.

From the world of Wiki here’s just a little more about Ian Mackaye

Ian Thomas Garner MacKaye is an American singer, songwriter, guitarist, musician, record label owner and producer. Active since 1979, MacKaye is best known as the co-founder and owner of Dischord Records, a Washington, D.C.-based independent record label and the frontman of the influential hardcore punk band Minor Threat and the post-hardcore band Fugazi. MacKaye was also the frontman for the short lived bands The Teen Idles, Embrace and Pailhead, a collaboration with the band Ministry. MacKaye is a member of The Evens, a two-piece indie rock group he formed with his wife Amy Farina in 2001.

Along with his seminal band Minor Threat, he is credited with coining the term “straight edge”to describe a personal ideology that promotes independence by countering the popular appeal of drug and alcohol abuse, though MacKaye has stated that he did not intend to turn it into a movement.

A key figure in the development of hardcore punk and an independent-minded, do-it-yourself punk ethic, MacKaye has produced releases by Q and Not U, John Frusciante, 7 Seconds, Nation of Ulysses, Bikini Kill, Rites of Spring, Dag Nasty and Rollins Band, among others.

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Show topic reference times

Artist Limitations [5:00]

Free from everyday life [15:00]

A moment of music clarity [21:30]

Minor Threat then and now [32:30]

Fugazi kicks off [38:00]

Fugazi sleeps over [45:00]

Music curator [46:30]

Record to remember [1:00:00]

Eon the porn Director [1:04:30]

Ian the radio man [1:13:00]

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