Mike Schleibaum (Darkest Hour) Episode 24

Episode 24: Mike Schleibaum (Darkest Hour)

This week The Peer Pleasure Podcast presents Mike Schleibaum of Darkest Hour. A snow storm may have slowed down Darkest Hour but couldn’t stop this interview so sit back as Dewey and Mike talk about life on the road, the kickoff of a new album, how being a family man can be a great motivation for music, and so much more.

From the world of Wiki here’s just a little more about Mike Schleibaum

Michael J. Schleibaum (born June 7, 1977) is an accomplished guitarist, musician, composer, and producer.He, along with lead vocalist John Henry, founded and currently plays in the melodic death metal band Darkest Hour. He also works with bands as a studio producer, composes music for TV and film.

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Show topic reference times

In the belly of the beast [4:50]

Funding the music [9:20]

Mike the family man [11:40]

Mike the working musician [15:00]

Coming up in DC [18:45]

Mike goes hard [19:30]

Chimpsuit [23:45]

Darkest Hour plays all [26:15]

Places starve for music [28:15]

Culture Collectors [31:30]

Trumps America [34:00]

Mike the college man [35:30]

Victory in the past [40:00]

Festival after Festival [42:00]

Darkest Hour Beer [44:30]

Some Music! [47:30]

Even more music!! [54:30]


Notable Links Mentioned

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