Mike Watt (Minutemen/Stooges/Big Walnuts Yonder) – Episode 26

Episode 26: Mike Watt (Minutemen/Stooges/Big Walnuts Yonder)

This week The Peer Pleasure Podcast presents Mike Watt of almost every band ever! Mike has been hitting music hard for over 46 years and is ready to share all of his best stories with all of you Peer Pleasure seekers so buckle in as Dewey and Mike take a trip back in time to revisit a lifetime of Watt music!

A little more from Mike Watt and The Minutemen

The history of the Minutemen began when D. Boon and Mike Watt met at age 13. Watt was walking through a park in their hometown of San Pedro, California, when Boon, playing a game of “army” with other boys, fell out of a tree right next to him, and found that his friends, one’s name being ‘eskimo’, must’ve ditched him. Both boys shared a passion for music; Boon’s mother taught D. to play the guitar and suggested Watt learn to play bass. However, at first, Watt did not know what a bass was. The pair eventually started playing music together, mostly covering songs from artists they admired. In the summer of 1973, Watt and Boon formed the Bright Orange Band with Boon’s brother Joe on drums. In 1976 they discovered punk, however Boon’s mother died and the Bright Orange Band disbanded shortly thereafter. The next year, the two joined a short-lived band called Starstruck. Following Starstruck’s disbandment, Boon and Watt met drummer George Hurley and formed The Reactionaries with vocalist Martin Tamburovich.



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Show topic reference times

No two journeys are the same [8:30]

Two types of luck [11:30]

Watt Journey [12:30]

The Movement [21:00]

Life is for learning [26:00]

Connect the dots [31:00]

Live a moment for a year [39:00]

How Watt writes [44:45]

Looking at the tile [48:00]

My dads music [53:00]

Sharing the stage [1:02:00]


Notable Links Mentioned

The Watt from Pedro Show

Black Flag




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