Pleasure Seekers Club Patreon Level 1 of 6 Announced!

Good morning Everyone! As we roll into the final week before the PLEASURE SEEKERS CLUB Patreon launches, I want to give you a sneak peek each day of one of the six tiers available to you to join the club.

The first level we have is the most basic at the Eavesdropper Level in the club. This is the first tier available to join the club. On Monday August 28th you will have full access to the PEER PLEASURE Patreon site and can see what all this level has to offer as well as the others coming to you each day this week. I am so excited to get this club going to get even closer to you as a listener of the show and work hand in hand to provide the ultimate Pleasure Seeker experience to each of you. HAPPY ECLIPSE DAY ALL!

*Not familiar with Patreon? Scroll to the bottom of this message to read more. Otherwise, just sit back and get STOKED for next Monday!

What is Patreon?

Patreon is an American Internet-based membership platform that provides business tools for creators to run a subscription content service, as well as ways for artists to build relationships and provide exclusive experiences to their subscribers, or “patrons.” It is popular among YouTube videographers, webcomic artists, writers, podcasters, musicians, and other categories of creators who post regularly online. It allows artists to receive funding directly from their fans, or patrons, on a recurring basis or per work of art. The company, started by musician Jack Conte and developer Sam Yam in 2013, is based in San Francisco.

Check out to get familiar with the site and once the club goes live you will know just what to do and what the site is all about!

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