Portia Sabin (President of Kill Rock Stars Records) Episode 25

Episode 25: Portia Sabin (President of Kill Rock Stars Records)

This week The Peer Pleasure Podcast presents Portia Sabin President of Kill Rock Stars Records. Oh and did we mention she’s a Doctor as well? That’s right so sit back and listen to the very inspiring story of a young lady who hit the world head on and accomplished goal after goal after goal.

A little more from Kill Rock Stars Records

KRS was started in 1991 by Slim Moon, who ran the company until October 2006, when he left to become Senior Director of A&R at Nonesuch Records. We at KRS want to thank Slim for creating such an amazing record label and putting out albums that were important in all our lives. Slim rules!

KRS’s mission is to continue putting out exceptional records by important artists, and our tradition of being queer-positive, feminist, and artist-friendly continues as well. We are now distinguished by being one of the few female-run indie labels in the US, which we are proud of, but all that really means is get out there and start your record labels, ladies! At KRS we believe in doing it yourself, and we see our job as helping bands to realize their visions. In a culture that rewards making mediocre music with a quick buck, we feel lucky that we get to work with artists who challenge mediocrity on a regular basis. Plus we love the music. Enjoy!


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Show topic reference times

Growing up in NY [4:00]

Getting into Music [9:00]

College Life [13:30]

Portia PHD [17:30]

The music picks up [24:00]

The dissertation [27:00]

Limbo [30:00]

The wedding surprise [32:30]

Rock in the UK [35:00]

Portia takes the label [43:00]

The economy changed things [47:00]

Music is a job! [53:00]


Notable Links Mentioned

Dead Kennedys

Circle Jerks

 John Taylor



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