Rachael Madori joins Peer Pleasure for Mental Illness Awareness Week!

One of the heaviest episodes we have done here at Peer Pleasure has been the amazing Rachael Madori when I was down in Los Angeles this past month for Podcast Movement. Rachael opened her life to all of us and shared a story of heartbreaking struggle and triumph over Mental Illness, specifically Bipolar 1 and Borderline Personality Disorder. We have received so much feedback on this episode from all walks of life that we partnered up for Mental Illness Awareness Week and urge all of you if you have not listened to this episode to please do so and tell a friend about her story. You never know who might be struggling in silence with similar issues and struggles internally. This is a priceless gift from Rachael and a glimpse into the depths of a mind trying to find it’s way to normalcy and peace. I love all of you and if any of you are struggling please reach out to myself or Rachael and talk about it. No one needs to struggle alone. Click below to view Rachael’s testimonial for the show and her Episode!

See Rachael’s Testimonial Video HERE!

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