Show Notes

Episode 29 – Justin Pearson (RETOX/Dead Cross/Locust)

Episode 28 – Ben Weinman (Dillinger Escape Plan)

Episode 27 – Yoni Wolf (WHY?)

Episode 26 – Mike Watt (Minutemen/Stooges/Big Walnuts Yonder)

Episode 25 – Portia Sabin (Kill Rock Stars)

Episode 24 – Mike Schleibaum (Darkest Hour)

Episode 23 – Ian Mackaye (Fugazi/Minor Threat)


Episode 04 – Mike Kaminsky (KMGMT)

Hello again pleasure seekers, as our first month comes to a close, I bring you the mighty Mike Kaminsky. Mike was gracious enough to come on my show before it was even live to be one of the first of many guests and absolutely one of my favorite people on the planet! He is truly one of a kind. We actually recorded this episode in the conference room of my office at work at the end of the day one afternoon and as he is in Los Angeles, we used Skype. Mike has had a fascinating life and a really diverse and special career that has taken him to many interesting and challenging places. It’s funny to think about how the smallest of things can change the trajectory of our lives forever. Mike speaks about chance meetings as well as falling into things unknowingly for him and really sheds a good light on what he is all about. I hope you enjoy the show and we will see you in week 5!

Episode 03 – Thrice

Ok folks, week 3 is upon us and the mighty Thrice is my guest. This episode was was almost cancelled and when it worked out I was so flustered I se my mic on the wrong setting for group recording and as I barreled down the road to get my daughter from her football game after I was terrified that I had blown the interview with the audio being unsalvageable. Luckily my cousin being an audio engineer, was able to fix my fuck up enough so that it is listenable but to be honest it is probably the worst audio quality you will hear on this show and for that i apologize. With one of the biggest guests to be on the show something had to go wrong haha. Teppei and I had been emailing in the days leading up to the in person interview at the Crystal Ballroom in Portland Oregon and had everything set up. They were running late from San Fransisco and had to cancel the interview and wait for another time. I went to soundcheck anyway and already had my gear with me just in case and Teppei said everything had cancelled for the night so lets do it! We all sat and had an amazing chat to catch up with old friends and new adventures. At one point you will hear Dustin realize the kick drum from La Dispute’s soundcheck was reading on my computer screen through the floor vibrating and grabbed a slice of pita bread and set it under my mic. Quick and hilarious thinking on his part. I hope you all enjoy my interview with Thrice and we will see you all next week!

Episode 02 – Joanna Angel (Burning Angel)

I’m not going to lie, I was a bit nervous while recording this episode. Not because of who the guest was, but because I wanted to portray her and my questioning with a certain amount of respect and tactful introspection and wanted it to play out as such. I feel like it went rather well. This was my first Skype interview and actually my first time ever using it. I reached out to Joanna on a whim through Instagram thinking there was no way she would come on my podcast that wasn’t even out yet. Sure enough, within the hour, she responded and said absolutely she would be happy to do it. I prepared like I do for all interviews and had 3 pages of notes, not knowing how it would go I ended up abandoning all of them and just went freestyle. I’m sure you can hear some tripping on my own words throughout as I really like to leave these raw and unedited. All in all it was a fun interview and Joanna is a great guest with a great story. See you all next week!

Episode 01 – Andrew Forsman (The Fall Of Troy)

This was not the first episode to be recorded for the podcast, but it was the one I thought should go first to represent how I wanted the show to go. Andrew is such an amazing person with a great story to tell and a very talented man. Andrew and I had not seen each other since 2007 when Portugal the Man toured with The Fall of Troy on the ” So So Gangstour”. I had hit up Andrew about being on the show and found out he was living less than a mile form me in Portland Oregon and had been for a year! I was stoked and we set up the interview to take place at his home. I showed up as Andrew was walking home from class and it was like no time had passed at all. He was all smiles and we went inside. We posted up in his living room and after his dog warmed up to me we hit record and the rest is in your ears now on episode 01. I had no idea the extent of his addiction and I am so glad I am able to visit my friend in person now and not at a headstone somewhere. So proud of Andrew and you may hear him co hosting on the podcast at some point. See you all next week!

Episode 00 – Welcome

This is the very first episode I did to let those of you who follow the show know what the show is about. Not much more than that needs to be said for this 4 minute intro to Peer Pleasure. Enjoy and see you next week.