Thrice Episode 03 – Peer Pleasure Podcast


Here we are again folks at the beginning of week 3 and I still can’t believe the overwhelming support so far. Keep listening and I will keep posting every week. In this weeks episode I sit down with my old buddies Thrice at their show at the Crystal Ballroom here in Portland Oregon to chat about so many different things as well as some old times. I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I enjoyed making it. Cheers and see you next week!

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  1. Hey! Wanted to say great job with the podcast so far. But one thing… get your audio quality sorted out. This podcast is almost unlistenable. It’s literally the only thing you need to do well for a successful podcast on the technical end. Thrice is one of my favorite bands and I was super excited to listen to this. But it’s a workout straining to hear them. Get some cheap USB mics or sm58s. It’s all you need and it will improve the quality greatly. Good luck!

    1. Roland, thanks for the honest feedback. I appreciate that a lot. I posted after in the show notes about the audio in the Thrice Podcast. I use a blue yeti usb and when we sat down to record in a circle in the green room I accidentally had the mic set on stereo instead of omni which left Ed and Riley way in the back. I almost didn’t release the episode because of the quality but they are also some of my best buddies and I wanted the content to be out in the world even at poor audio standards. It was a rookie mistake and I’m sorry it was difficult for you. I get frustrated when I find a podcast I like and get an episode with similar problems. I do hope you keep listening to the show. I want to do a one on one with each of the Thrice guys and really dig into more personal topics. It just so happens this was the only non one on one episode I have done. I am new at this and doing the most I can with what I have available. If you listen to the other episodes I hope you find the audio to be a lot better with the kinks worked out. Keep the feedback coming my friend and I look forward to it. Take care Roland.