Yoni Wolf (WHY?) Episode 27

Episode 27: Yoni Wolf (WHY?)

This week The Peer Pleasure Podcast presents Yoni Wolf of WHY? In this episode Yoni walks Dewey through the steps of his life that ultimately set the path of hard work and music that would inspire, entertain, and set examples for people of all walks. From an introverted childhood to Hip Hop stardom Yoni has embraced life and made it his own.

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WHY? is a band—three Cincinnati-bred gentlemen who’ve shared a whole lotta past together. Two of them are brothers. Yoni Wolf, who founded the project by his lonesome in 1998 is one of those. The other is Josiah Wolf, who first started hitting the skins at their father’s synagogue during worship service. They like being in a band together so don’t ask about it. WHY?’s third fella is Doug McDiarmid, a high school friend born to French teachers, discovered by the Wolfs whilst playing guitar in a Steve Miller cover band. These men are handsome and meticulous, especially when they do ugly and unwieldy things with words and music.




Show topic reference times

Getting to know Yoni [9:00]

Starting in Hip Hop [12:00]

WHY? [15:00]

Little parts make big songs [19:30]

Writing honest [23:30]

Yoni in Cincinnati [26:30]

Moh Lhean [30:00]

Getting Inspired [33:00]

Wondering Wolf Podcast [34:45]

Yoni embracing life [38:30]

Yoni branches out [44:00]

Being openminded [48:30]

This year for WHY? [52:00]

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